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When you think about getting wall paper for your phone (or your house for that matter) you probably don’t give too much thought and just look for something that is pleasing to the eye.
So let’s think about this for a moment.
You put wallpaper in your phone and it will be something you will admire EVERYDAY and yet you don’t put much thought into it?

What’s wrong with this scenario?
Anyone getting this besides me?
Have you ever heard of subliminal messages? You know the ones that you don’t really know about but they somehow control your actions anyways?
What if wallpaper had that power?
It does. I’m telling you…it does.
If you see something EVERYDAY it is GOING To AFFECT You. Period.

So..let’s talk about what kind of wall paper I want and the reasons behind it.
Limos. Yes….I want wallpapers of limousines. Whilst I was on a luxury holiday in New Zealand I had the chance to experience this royalty first hand up in Auckland. A big thank you to the staff at Auckland Limo Service for showing me around this great city. Had an awesome bungy jump off the Harbour Bridge too.
I would actually like the inside of limousines because that to me seems like it would remind me more of riding in them than just looking at the outside of them.’s my theory.
If I have a photo of the inside of limousines on my wallpaper and I see it EVERYDAY, I will be accustomed to the leather interior, the cool lighting and the massive amounts of space.
Why is that useful?
I have a constant reminder of why I work everyday. I am reminded what one of my goals is: Money…err…to ride in limousines without having to worry about money.
I want to pick my mother up and take out to dinner in a limousine…but I don’t want to pay for it. Well that was how much I fell in love with the limo I came across in Dunedin – Dunedin I want to OWN that limo.
In order to do that?
I’ve gotta make money to buy one. If I am constantly reminded day in and day out (yes, I sleep with my phone) that I want this for myself and my mother….then I am more likely to keep doing that things that drive me in that direction.
I’ve actually tested this too! I look at limos everyday now.
I see them so much differently than I did before!
Since I’ve been enjoying my “fake” limo rides in the interior of my wallpaper photos, I’ve actually made more money and have been more productive than I have been in a very very long time.

My goals of being a millionaire? Instead of just dreaming now…I know they are a reality.
So…the next time you choose a wallpaper for your phone…Choose wisely. Decide what subliminal messages you want sent to you on a daily basis.
What do you want your subconscious mind to focus on. Once you know…connect it to an image and put that image on your phone or computer wallpaper.
And for out of this world free mobile wallpapers you have to check out this outstanding site. You can even customize the wallpapers to match up with your favorite phone. Time to invest your time wisely and scan through all the incredible categories of wallpapers.
You can thank me later.